Scrum Crash Course Short Videos

If you want full comprehensive walk through of everything in being an effective Scrum Master, as well as all-in-one complete & concise Scrum Mastery course - select 'Scrum - Be an Effective Scrum Master' from the COURSE dropdown menu.


These 5 short videos will just cover only the essentials to get you going and will show key tips and tricks learnt over 27+ years in Enterprise IT teams, enough skills to make you become an effective Scrum Master.


Topics covered:


Video #1 - The simple truth you need to know about Agile and Scrum Frameworks to inspire a team


Video #2 - How to avoid the major team breakdown and instead focus on making teams effective and accountable


Video #3 - “What does a Scrum Master Day Look Like?” - The most common question asked !


Video #4 - The secret reality of certifications and what is recommended & what tips in becoming certified


Video #5 - What are the 3 killer questions asked during the Scrum Master Interview?

Video #1 Scrum Basics

Video #2 Estimation

Video #3 Day-to-Day​

Video #4 Certifications

Video #5 Interview​ Q's 


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