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Theory can only get you so far. Real application of agile principles require experience and knowledgeable insight in dealing with people & teams. Lessons you just can't get out of a book or course. 

We help agile teams take actionable steps to create results oriented outcomes of faster, fluid, & collaborative thinking to projects via complete video, templates & playbook information - even if your team is running off-track, out of budget or low morale projects


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  • Complete, Concise, Confident Overview of Scrum with real tips and examples from industry 

  • Confidence In Using Scrum In Real World Scenarios - learn the fundamentals of scrum and how to use agile scrum practices without going into a class room or spending $1000..

  • The Facts Based On Real Industry experience and research with correct terminology in using Agile Scrum techniques in mastering it. 


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The importance of nurturing key soft skills to work and manage teams. 

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Technology backbone and team single point of direction and communication.

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How to bring agile change to an organization from both the tactical & strategic level.


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Check out our library of specially curated templates that we have tested and used. We spend time to create all templates to serve agile professionals so that they can focus more on their teams and less on the technical details

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Sprint Retrospective

Sprint Demo 

Sprint Management

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