It's Time To Get Results

Does this sound familiar? 


You have been countlessly applying to jobs. 


Eagerly waiting for emails and phone calls to know that you are valuable to an organization.


Focusing time and effort in perfecting cover letters while scouring the web for the latest job posting. 


Sometimes even applying to jobs you don't even possibly want or know if you are qualified for. 


It can feel like an eternity before anything happens. 


Meanwhile life still goes on. 


​Sometimes we all need the guidance to make us realize the inner potential that we have. Though we may not see it ourselves, others can. And this is the beauty in allowing others to help you succeed. To nurture the talent that needs a fresh perspective and plan in order to achieve the goals we aspire to achieve. 

Our Objective

More Interviews

Utilize the insight of a focused resume on what hiring managers are looking from a real hiring managers perspective

More Offers On The Table

Nail the interview with real simulation practice to develop the correct energy and persona to make a good impression

Confidence In Your Ability

First impressions are important, but real confidence comes from the value you know you can provide. Own your self worth and salary

Set New Career Trajectory

Begin a new lifestyle centered around the decisions that is aligned to what you want. Realize the amazing people and opportunities

Here's How It Works

Book a time to chat

Allow me to get to know you at a friendly level. We are humans first and that means that we all have a story filled with desires, challenges, triumphs, funny moments and life changing events

  • Build an understanding of who you are and what you are truly seeking

  • Gather insight on your past activity and results

  • Establish a working relationship

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Sarfraz has been a very good mentor, coach and friend throughout my Scrum Master journey. Leveraging his extensive knowledge and real work experiences has allowed me to quickly grasp the scrum landscape and agile principles.


As a result, I am now Scrum Master certified and currently interviewing. 


I would highly recommend working with Sarfraz as he makes things easy to understand with real work experiences.  


He is also passionate and takes a vested interest to ensure that you are successful.

Albert Morison

Project Management Professional

Sarfraz helped me immensely in my search for my first Canadian experience.


Thanks to his patience, his positive advice and his great experience, I managed to find a very good job as a project manager in a well-reputed organization.


I also took advantage of his very concise and straight-to-the-point lessons to develop my knowledge about agile and cloud computing.


I would recommend Sarfraz Coaching to all professionals who seek guidance and good advice and want to jump to the next level of their career.

Hanae Moufarreh


Agile Coach / PM / Career Coach

Helping IT professionals to be more agile centric. 

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