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"it was really an excellent presentation , almost all the grounds were covered. i did not get bored by it, very very helpful for we as a new scrum master"

Kelechi Iroanya

"Awesome delivery"

Stephen Aidoo

"This course is very helpful for anyone who is pursuing their CSM certification or is interested in knowing more about being a scrum master. The content that is covered in this course is very informative and well explained."

Kuhananth Suthananthan

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Build Your Prosperous Path 

Course Structure

  • 2. Scrum Overview

  • 4. Definition of Ready 

  • 5. Definition of Done

  • 6. User Story Fundamentals

  • 7. Estimating in Story Points

  • 8. Sprint Fundamentals 

  • 9. Jira Setup

  • 10. Running Sprint Planning & Execution 

  • 11. Daily Sprint Review

  • 12. Sprint Charts / Metrics / Tracking 

  • 13. Sprint Housekeeping & Closing

  • 14. Kanban Board Setup

  • 15. Confluence Setup to Support Jira 

  • 16. First 2 Weeks Scrum Master - Assigned To New Project

  • 17. First 2 Weeks Scrum Master - Assigned To An Existing Project

  • 18. Managing Multiple Scrum Teams

  • 19. Online Scrum Collaboration Tools

  • 20. Scrum Certifications

  • 21. Scrum Master Role - Interview Questions 


Discover The Most Effective Way In Becoming A Scrum Master Today

Enhance Agile Delivery Skills

Break into Scrum Profession

Building Agile Authority Knowledge


Common Pain Points 

  • Are Certifications Enough ? 

  • Which Tools Do I Use ?

  • Day to Day of a Scrum Master

  • Coaching people ? 

  • Agile Vs. Traditional Process

  • Being a Change Agent ? 


Includes Real Life Lessons 

  • Learn The Fundamentals 

  • Leverage Industry Tools 

  • What To Do In Your First 2 Weeks

  • Feel Confident To Lead Agile Teams

Personal Development Skills

  • How To Manage Multiple Teams

  • Learn to Use Online Collaboration Tools

  • How To Make Informed Decisions With Data

  • How To Answer Interview Questions

Hone Your Craft

  • How To Deliver / Kickoff Projects

  • Core Scrum Roles

  • Core Scrum Artifacts & Events 

  • Feel Confident To Lead Agile Teams


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Become An Effective Scrum Master


100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

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