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From our own experiences

Our journey to understanding the world of Agile and becoming an effective Scrum Master started with ourselves. After years of trial and error we began to document and refine the steps needed to be successful in today's economy

Our belief is that to be an effective Scrum Master you have to be aware of core knowledge base skills as well as the fundamental emotional intelligence skills. 


In working in the industry we identified 3 major problems:


  • Lack of qualified professionals ready for the market

    The Agile certifications alone are not comprehensive enough to fully grasp the role of a Scrum Master

  • Key technical & knowledge based skills to perform agile management

    From the get go, Scrum Masters have to be able to use core tools in order fulfill their roles effectively

  • Essential soft skills that build an effective Scrum Master

    Like any role, a sound understanding of how to manage and work with people is critical to success. Especially in the social role of an agile change agent

In realizing this, we decided to address the problem directly, by creating a space that would remedy these issues and enable quality & confident Scrum Masters.


With over 30 years of combined experience working across banking, insurance, software and retail industries, we have worked with many cross-functional diverse talented teams to deliver complex solutions. All honing our understanding of agile techniques that generate results. 


Our goal with How To Scrum is to share the rich opportunities and techniques to encourage agile working teams. We share only what we believe to be the most effective and honest ideas / tips / knowledge that have  served us well, with intentions that it too - will serve you !


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Qasim Aaron


Over 5+ years in technology & product development teams

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