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Toby Mohan

"Great course to take you through the fundamentals and inside tips and tricks to add to your knowledge as a Scrum Master. I really benefitted from the real-world tips, such as the Staging Sprint, which I've been putting into effect (with great success!) with my Scrum team. Thank you for this course and looking forward to learning more!"

Kelechi Iroanya​

"It was really an excellent presentation , almost all the grounds were covered. I did not get bored by it, very very helpful for we as a new scrum master"

Kuhananth Suthananthan​

"This course is very helpful for anyone who is pursuing their CSM certification or is interested in knowing more about being a scrum master. The content that is covered in this course is very informative and well explained"

Valentina Marsiglia​

"I was looking for a basic, introductory course on cloud and the course met my expectations. Language is simple enough to make concepts easy to understand for a non-expert"

A Complete Practical Guide For Agile Professionals

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"This is not a Certification Course. This is an 'Edge' Course designed to make you competent, confident & excel in the job."


- Sarfraz Aaron

27+ years industry experience


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Theory can only get you so far. Real application of agile principles require experience and knowledgeable insight in dealing with people & teams. Lessons you just can't get out of a book. 

We help agile professionals take actionable steps to create result oriented outcomes of faster, fluid, & collaborative thinking. We provide tips for complete video, templates & playbook information - even if your team is running off-track, out of budget or low morale projects


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The foundational life cycle of how Scrum methods drive iterative development. 

Team Dynamics

The importance of nurturing key soft skills to work and manage teams. 

Jira Set Up

Technology backbone and team single point of direction and communication.

Thought Strategy

How to bring agile change to an organization from both the tactical & strategic level.


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